Meet Sherri Medeiros

A full time resident of Marco Island since 1987, Sherri Medeiros is an active and vital part of the Marco Island community. Check her affiliates and contributions, just to start.

When Sherri first crossed the Jolly bridge, little did she know that she would become the Premier Window Cleaning / Pressure Washing Service for Southwest Florida. Serving Marco Island & Naples since 1987.

Many of Sherri’s customers have been with "See Thru" since the beginning and have become friends. With Sherri, it is always a hug when she enters and the job is not finished until she does her final inspection and you give the A-OK! With Sherri, your satisfaction is ALWAYS guaranteed!

Always look for the HOT PINK CARD!


Sherri's promise:

"We will ALWAYS be there for you!" - If you love your island and love your view, call Sherri at "See Thru"